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About Us

Grace Community Center has been a person-oriented organization begun as a church mission of the United Church of Christ in 1969. Throughout its history Grace’s concerns have been governed by its commitment to enhance community improvement through encouraging self-determination by its neighborhood residents and providing supportive services. Grace serves an area of approximately 5,000 residents, with 48% poverty rate. Single females head over 60% of the household with several school-age children.



The mission of the Grace Community Center is to encourage the personal development and self-actualization of its residents, through programs and services. Grace promotes social action efforts that support the growth of individuals and families.


Today, the Center offers year round education and social development  programs to young people, family case management, employment and career development, GED preparation for adults, youth development and leadership programs, countless recreation programs, and collaboration with many social service organizations, to better the lives of hundreds of families in the Center’s service area. In addition, the Center has recruited the assistance of numerous volunteers in the area. Besides, adult volunteers, many high school student volunteers are being trained through this process.

The Center’s mission is “to encourage personal development and self actualization of individuals. Promoting and supporting social action efforts, that supports and promotes the growth of individuals and families." The work of Grace Center is family focused, creating both self-sufficiency and self-actualization. The Center focuses on educating low income single moms, developing self esteem opportunities, seeking and  providing opportunities to assist them to become more employable and therefore more stable. Grace is also dedicated to preserving the neighborhood, where Grace is located, promoting and advocating the building and renovation of homes,safe streets and community partnerships.

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