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Shout Out to Grace

"I played flag football for Grace when I was age 9 to age 12. I liked the team and I learned about how important it is to have a chance to play instead of making winning and losing important. I play varsity basketball now and I use some things I learned at Grace from my coaches. Thank you Grace, Mr. Jay & the coaches."

- Dante Holmes, Toledo Waite High School class of 2017


I like going to Grace for summer program and flag football. I like when we go swimming in the summer and meeting and making new friends. My Dad is now a Grace volunteer with Mr. Jay and he likes doing that. Thank you Grace."

- Shamarr Tompkins


"I’m a high school female student and I like volunteering with Grace on Saturday’s at the Super Saturday Program. I get to help the director Mrs. Page cook and prepare the snacks & food for the kids. I like helping at Grace."

- Ja’tice Walker

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